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 AS Boredom

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PostSubject: AS Boredom   AS Boredom EmptySat Jun 25, 2011 9:09 am

as title says,it's really really boring being an takes forever to rank up and 6/7 of my referrals left saying it's too boring and there nothing much to do at the beginning.but i already read ur point about it,k1ng,so this topic is not for whining to make it easier Razz
but i think u should add something fun for the poor a.students.there's actually nothing to do for us except training.what we might do------
1.Add a sparring option through which we can battle other users.
2.Add some jutsus for AS.
3.Add something special available to AS only:
may be a written exam(only AS can give those exams lol),in this exams,add the basic concepts of the game as questions,so newcomers can learn about the ninja world by giving the exams.this will be really unique and will make SB more different than others.
4.If you are adding the exam,give an option to cheat in there,kids like to cheat,but there will be some punishments if you get caught.the punishments will be something funny that will make the users laugh(u know like Catching you red-handed,your sensei told 7 girls to slap you.)

feel free to discuss about these bellow and also add ideas how to make it less boring.if u have problems any of the suggestions,post it too,so we can think on how to fix it Smile
and plz don't go off-topic :/
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AS Boredom
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