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 My take on the Summoning Blood Bond text

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PostSubject: My take on the Summoning Blood Bond text   Tue Jun 28, 2011 12:57 am

Here is my take on the intro summoning text. If you guys can think of a different, more clear, way to summarize what is to happen post it for the devs to use.
Welcome. By being sent here it means you are one of the elite and you are ready to master the summoning jutsu.

This will be no easy task, attracting an animal that responds to your personality and chakra. It means you may be surprised by what animal chooses to respond to your summoning jutsu.

Once you start the summoning jutsu, it will take all your time and chakra to maintain. Depending on the strength of your jutsu and the distance to the animal, it may take days or even weeks for the connection to be made and completed.

(Note: This means you won't be able to travel thereby preventing you from going to the jutsu temple for training in new jutsu. You also won't be able to engage in pvp fights which is a requirement to advance to chunin and above.)

To prepare yourself you will be required to perform morning and evening battle arena. By burning off excess physical energy you will be more able to mentally focus on your animal companion.

If you are prepared for the time required to bond with an animal companion, please pick a spot in the zen garden to meditate.
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PostSubject: Re: My take on the Summoning Blood Bond text   Wed Jun 29, 2011 2:57 am

nice azrael really like it..but i dnt know,if admin accpted or not.
i hope the admin accepted it.
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My take on the Summoning Blood Bond text
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