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PostSubject: Bebops Jutsu's   Bebops Jutsu's EmptyThu Jun 30, 2011 4:30 pm

Name: Wind Manipulation
Rank: Chunnin
Type: Wind
Effects: Damage, speed decrease, recoil.
Example: [user1] creates multiple handsigns rapidly, in doing so wind chakra would begin to surge through out the area around [user2]. [user 2] speed would then be reduced x amount caused by the wind chakra pushing against [user 2] body. [user 1] Would then create a sword consisted of pure condensed wind chakra as he rushes at [user 2]. [user 1] then thrusts the sword through [user 2] dealing x damage and recieving x damage.

(more to come..)

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Bebops Jutsu's
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