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 Jutsu levels and Ideas

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Jutsu levels and Ideas Empty
PostSubject: Jutsu levels and Ideas   Jutsu levels and Ideas EmptyThu Jul 07, 2011 6:24 am

Jutsus should only be able to level by using them in battle or training them.

But instead of working on experience, you work on times used. And each jutsu should only have 5 levels. Max. The amount of levels a jutsu can have will determine its level. And each level will add additional effects and will strengthen old effects.

Sharingan for example, according to naruto manga, will have 4 levels (if it can be seen as a jutsu). Each additional thingy in the eye which was added brought a new effect to Sasuke (or Itachi, Madara etc etc). The first was the ability to see through tai moves. The second was copying moves. Third was genjutsu. And the Mankegayou sharingan gave them Uber genjutsus, Amateresu and that demon defence/offence thing.

So let jutsus have different levels, from 1 level jutsus (Academy student), 2-3 level jutsus (genin-Chuunin) 3-4 (Chuunin-Jounin) and 4-5 (Jounin - Legendary Sannin)

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Jutsu levels and Ideas
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